Tuesday, October 17, 2017

New Magic Item: Six Demon Bag

New Magic Item

Six Demon Bag
Contains: "Wind, fire, all that kind of thing."

A Six Demon Bag is similar to a Medicine Bag. It contains powerful reagents, fetishes, and other user-specific talismans that have been previously prepared by the owner in order to help focus and enhance their spells.

When a spell-caster uses their personal Six Demon Bag, they cast all spells as if one level higher, for purposes of duration, range, and effect. It does not allow a caster to cast higher level spells than they are normally capable of casting.

The cost to make a Six Demon Bag is calculated: Character Level x Highest Spell Level Available To Caster x 500 gold pieces.

A Six Demon Bag has to be completely remade from scratch (at full cost) upon attaining a new level that allows access to a new higher level of spells.

[Addendum] Each bag will contain 1d3 + Highest Spell Level Available To Caster. These items will generally be more costly than difficult to procure (hence the expense), but the DM may require the character to adventure to acquire a special item or two.

Old bags should be destroyed when no longer needed. Should someone steal or acquire a character's Six Demon Bag (old or current), the owner will suffer a -2 on Saving Throws against spells cast against them by the holder.

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