Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Optional Rules: Wands

The wand and staff are two of the most commonly recognized symbols of the magic-user. Whether simple or ornate, they are a symbol of status and  education within the arcanist community. They also serve several more functional and practical purposes as well. This article will focus on Wands.

A wand is the first basic tool an apprentice ever learns to craft. It is both an educational and personal experience. It takes months for the student to research, gather materials, and create their first initial wand. There can be no shortcuts in this intense process. Failure to craft a wand has spelled the end of many hopeful arcanist's aspirations before their careers have even begun.

The particulars of crafting a wand are left to each individual Referee. Because wands factor into even the most rural and humble of magical traditions, it is suggested that monetary costs not be a factor, but focus more on study and difficulty procuring the necessary materials. Of course, this process is already considered to have been successful for any character of the first level.

If a Referee wishes, it is suggested that a character crafting their first wand, roll as though learning a new spell, on the Intelligence Table. A bonus may be granted for extra preparation and quality of materials used on the student's behalf.

An arcanist will use their wand throughout their studies. Without their personal wand, they will be unable to perform many of the important experiments or cast the basic cantrips and glamours which are necessary to advance in their craft.

A magic-user is able to focus ambient personal mystical energies through their wands, allowing them to cast an arcane bolt up to  30 feet, doing 1d3 points of damage. Each day, they may cast as many bolts as points of Intelligence as the character has. Due to long familiarity and habit, a caster can draw, or re-holster, their wand without use of an action, but must have their hand free to do so.This ruling was put in place to make casters a bit more "magical", so they wouldn't have to stand around basically throwing lawn darts at opponents. 

If the Referee allows magic-users to cast Cantrips in their campaign (See upcoming article.. hint.. hint), then their personal wand will the be the only component needed to cast these simple spells.

A wand can not be used by anyone but its original creator. The Referee may rule that another magic-user may use a wand that is not their own, but only to cast arcane bolts, and with the penalty of taking 1 hit point of damage for each bolt cast through the strange wand.

How ornate or elaborate a wand is, has no bearing on game mechanics, but simply reflects the personal tastes of the item's creator. Referees may allow a magic-user to sense the general distance and direction of their personal wand up to a predetermined range, if they so desire.

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