Saturday, October 21, 2017

Random Tables: Winding Streets Encounters

Winding Streets - 1d12 Random Table

  1. Someone empties a chamber pot from above.
  2. Object falls from above.. loose tile, body, etc
  3. Someone/thing has just slid a sewer grate closed from below.
  4. A zombie servant is on its way to deliver a message, package, etc.
  5. A woman approaches the group and throws her child into the arms of one of the party that is carrying anything. She will grab anything dropped and run. The "child", a halfling, will immediately attempt escape.
  6. A little monkey grabs something within reach from a character and escapes up a wall and through a window.
  7. A hungry puppy, or kitten, begs attention from one of the party.
  8. A scoundrel grabs a street urchin (child) and drags them kicking and screaming to sell them to a work house.
  9. A sketchy man approaches the party and offers to sell them Black Lotus. 1 in 3 chance it's Haga instead.
  10. An escaped bull is running rampant through the street! If not stopped, it breaks into a pottery shop and destroys everything.
  11. An Amazon shield maiden, of equal level, challenges one of the party to a duel for eyeballing her.
  12. The party is approached by a nondescript man and given a sealed scroll inviting them to participate in the local underground "Fight Club".

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