Friday, December 21, 2018

Joined By Gaming

Joined By Gaming, is a pretty cool charity effort from the soon-to-be husband and wife team of Tori Trombley and Aaron Cordiale. These two use the power of games to help promote charities and causes that are important to them, and to help bring people together in the spirit of cooperation and entertainment.. thus "joined by gaming".

Recently, in November, Tori and Aaron, locally coordinated and participated in a 24 hour gaming marathon, Extra Life, to raise monies and donations for the Children's Miracle Network. Their efforts were rewarded beyond their expectations as they more than doubled their stated goal.

We here at Portcullis first became aware of these kindhearted people when I started becoming a regular at the Freakopolis Geekery, in Whitehall, NY. Both of them are players in the, Lands of Alaire Campaign, actual play series on Twitch and YouTube.

You can learn more about their efforts on Facebook at, Joined By Gaming, and on Instagram at, Joined By Gaming - Instagram.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The Lands of Alaire

I've taken the last few months off from writing, spending less time running games, and more time actually playing. This doesn't happen that often, so I've taken advantage of the opportunity while it presents itself. I joined an in-shop, 5th Edition game, The Lands of Alaire, being run at Freakopolis Geekery, in Whitehall, NY. The DM, Ian Rollins, is one of the owner's sons and works at the shop.

Ian originally created his campaign for use on D20, but soon decided to use the material in-shop when interest for a regular gaming group arose. I had literally wandered into the shop one day, and after talking to Ian, decided to check out a couple of YouTube videos he had posted. Liking what I saw, I returned to see about participating in the campaign.

The Lands of Alaire are Copyright, Ian Rollins of Freakopolis Geekery

The Lands of Alaire are Copyright, Ian Rollins of Freakopolis Geekery

Here is a list of all current episodes of the Live Play stream of The Lands of Alaire on YouTube, up to episode 14.

The Lands of Alaire - A D&D Actual Play Series @ Freakopolis Network

The first episodes 1-4 are the Introduction to the Lore of Alaire, giving background information on the lands and people's of the campaign.

Episodes 5-8 each focus on the creation of each player character being created for the campaign. Gilroy, human wizard (TJ Rollins), Leander, half-orc paladin (Tyler Rollins), Urlan, half-orc barbarian (Aaron Cordiale from Joined By Gaming), and Maylee, human ranger/archer (Tori Trombley from Joined By Gaming).

Season One consists of 14 episodes, some of which are broken into two-parts due to length and uploading issues between Twitch and YouTube
Season Two is scheduled to return in February of 2019.

Playlist: Freakopolis Geekery - The Lands of Alaire