Friday, December 21, 2018

Joined By Gaming

Joined By Gaming, is a pretty cool charity effort from the soon-to-be husband and wife team of Tori Trombley and Aaron Cordiale. These two use the power of games to help promote charities and causes that are important to them, and to help bring people together in the spirit of cooperation and entertainment.. thus "joined by gaming".

Recently, in November, Tori and Aaron, locally coordinated and participated in a 24 hour gaming marathon, Extra Life, to raise monies and donations for the Children's Miracle Network. Their efforts were rewarded beyond their expectations as they more than doubled their stated goal.

We here at Portcullis first became aware of these kindhearted people when I started becoming a regular at the Freakopolis Geekery, in Whitehall, NY. Both of them are players in the, Lands of Alaire Campaign, actual play series on Twitch and YouTube.

You can learn more about their efforts on Facebook at, Joined By Gaming, and on Instagram at, Joined By Gaming - Instagram.

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