Monday, October 30, 2017

Myths & Monsters: Bonnacon

Bonnacon (also Bonacon)

HD 3
AC 7 [12]
Atk 1 headbutt (1d6)
Move 18
Save 14
CL/XP 4/120
Special: Caustic Spray - Cone 30' long x 20' wide

The Bonnacon resembles a great bull, but with a shaggy mane like a horse. Its horns curl backwards, making them all but useless for goring in defense.

When startled or attacked, a Bonnacon will turn and attempt to flee, releasing a putrid spray of liquid caustic manure. This spray will cause 3d4 points of acid damage, and if a victim fails their saving throw they will be incapacitated by the stench for 1d10 rounds.

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