Thursday, October 19, 2017

Game Review: Blood Dark Thirst from Kort'thalis Publishing

Blood Dark Thirst
Kort'thalis Publishing
Rating: 5 out of 5
Complexity: Minimal
Maturity: Recommended for adults, deals with adult topics and horror
Value: A steal at $4

Okay, so received my copy of Blood Dark Thirst and printed out the Print Friendly version. It's not a huge book, only 12 double-sided pages, for a 24 page count, so it won't kill your printer or break the bank if you have to have it printed out elsewhere.

First, the fonts used print clear and dark. That's important, because if you have older eyes it helps you to read the material easier. This is often a peeve I run into with new products. Light print and small fonts make game material frustrating for older customers. Thankfully, the folks at Kort'thalis take this into account. Thank you!

I'm a newbie to the system, so I read the rules through as a first time player just learning the ropes. It didn't take long, the rules are pretty straight forward, and not complicated. If you're an experienced tabletop rpg player, then you'll be able to play with a minimum of setup. If you're a newblood (pun intended), you'll still be able to play the game, but it'll take a bit more prep work on your behalf. Not to worry though, the system is solid and laid out well, so you'll do fine.

You'll need one 20-sided die, and three 6-sided (normal) dice. If you don't have a twenty sider, you can find dice apps readily enough for your phone or online. Or simply use take a deck of cards, pull out two suits of cards from Ace (1) to 10, and shuffle them together. One suit will stand for 1-10, while the other suit represents 11-20. Replace and reshuffle the cards after each draw.

The art is amazing. It evokes the imagery of the game, both sensual and sinful. The quality of the artwork reflects the quality of the production value. Kort'thalis takes pride in their work. The customer is getting value for their dollar.

And best of all, the VSd6 system is similar to the other Kort'thalis game products, so you learn one, you'll be able to play them all. Or if you play other OSR products, you can add Blood Dark Thirst as a ready drop-in resource to your games without fuss. As either a stand alone game, or an added game resource, you can't fail with this title.

You can currently purchase this product at DriveThruRPG, for $4. Click Here.

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