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Adventure Seed: The Wyvern & Gnome

The Wyvern & Gnome, is a fortified inn, situated along a stretch of prosperous trade road that comes into close proximity to a lucrative river route. The goods and services exchanged between these two routes pass directly through the area controlled by the garrison stationed at the Wyvern.

Image Copyright - Maciej Zagorski, The Forge Studios
Important NPCs:

Strega Hammerhand - The resident smith, Strega can make or repair, tools, weapons, and armor, made of iron or steel. His apprentice does the small stuff, like nails, chains, and horseshoes. His left hand was lost to a gator down by the river. It has since been replaced by a mount for various attachments, used for holding, and working on the forge.

Ssel Orm - One of the lizardmen river traders. Ssel, speaks very good common so he was chosen to broker deals between the warm-bloods and his own people. If anyone needs something moved along the river, Ssel, is the one to see. While the Lizardmen care little for the "legality" of items transported, they do charge accordingly.

Ozimondi the Alchemist - A human magic-user and alchemist, Ozimondi's duties include assaying the content and purity of metals, and appraising the value of rare and exotic items for tax and sale purposes.

Quetar the Collector - Secretly a cleric of the God of Thieves, Quetar, poses as buyer and seller of rare and valuable items. Aside from his illicit fencing of purloined items, he actually does a brisk business in legitimate antiquities and rarities. Thieves and smugglers know very well not to attempt to double-cross him.

Rai Ak the Necromancer - Exploiting a loophole in local laws, Rai Ak, deals in the sale of zombie and skeleton servants as laborers and servants. Because his business deals with the dead, it isn't considered slavery. Powerful merchants and nobles, that profit from the use of these workers, ensure that this unsavory trade is unhindered and remains completely legal in this region. (Recognizable local corpses are boiled to strip the flesh, and raised as skeletons.)

Mezgahn of the Purple Cloak - A failed magic-user apprentice, Mezgahn, turned to stage magic and thievery. He uses his "illusions" and trickery to pull of heists and con games. At no time does he bilk locals, maintaining a reputation of honesty and trustworthiness.

Tenam from Afar - A barbarian warrior from elsewhere, Tenam, has no filters. He doesn't sugar-coat anything, nor tolerate deception. 

Gaithkrac the Pious - Specializing in healing, curing, and removing various conditions, and even curses, Gaithkrac, can not use any other types of magic.

Philha Chor - Runs the local trading post within the Wyvern & Gnome.

Ael Ormo - Runs the tavern within the Wyvern.

Raylokra - Retired adventurer. Does the occasional odd job if it peaks his interest.

Ithsa - Retired adventuress. On and off again companion of Xorsa, she also occasionally keeps company with Raylokra. A powerful enchantment from a previous adventure keeps her Strength at 18 despite her advancing years.

Khailem Est - The local administrator. Khailem, oversees the orderly and honest collection of taxes on trade goods and large sums of money that pass through the region.

Xorsa Rin - The local garrison captain, stationed at the Wyvern. Xorsa (Zorsha), is a hardened veteran of numerous battles. Her garrison is made up entirely of dervishes. They are completely loyal unto death to their captain, and abstain from drinking, sex, and other worldly pursuits.

Local Garrison Troops:

  • One dozen light cavalry, with chain and shield, scimitars, crossbows and spears
  • One dozen footmen, with leather and shield, scimitars, crossbows and spears
  • Two additional cavalry Sergeants
  • Two additional footmen Sergeants
  • All dervishes fight with a fanatic focus, granting +1 to hit and damage in hand-to-hand.

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