Friday, February 9, 2018

New Magic Spells: Zero Level Spells I

The following are some zero level spells (Cantrips) for magic-users. This article does not include rules for zero level spells, just a list of such spells.


Sometimes called, the "Jedi Mind Trick", by players. The caster creates an aura of disinterest around themselves and those standing close to them. Individuals and ceatures of up to three hit dice, that fail their Save, will lose interest in speaking to the caster and ignore them. This spell lasts for one round (Minute) per level of the caster.

Note: This spell will automatically fail against targets that are trying to activavely kill or capture the caster. Nor will a target ignore the caster if the caster is doing something they shouldn't be doing, like trying to pick a lock or take something that the target is guarding.

Perfect Fit

When cast upon non-magical clothing, footwear, and accessories, the items will permanently alter themselves in shape and size (up to plus or minus 50%) to fit the caster perfectly, or person the caster designates the clothing to fit. Once altered, the items stay that way, unless altered again with another spell.

Unless the DM specifies otherwise, this spell does not affect non-magical armor or weapons.

Fisherman's Friend

When cast on a fishhook or lure, it will attract the attention of any "good-size" fish is in the area. Note that this could in turn then unintentionally attract the attention of any "good-size" predators in the area as well. This spell lasts for 10 rounds (minutes).

Stay Fresh

When cast upon a container, sack, backpack, etc., anything placed within will be kept fresh, and free of pests. Any aromas and whatnot will not escape the container, thus keeping it from attracting critters looking for food. Note that this spell does nothing to keep containers waterproof, or protected from the elements. This spell lasts for one day, per casting.

Hold Water / Waterproof

This spell will make one item waterproof, thus allowing it to hold water, or keep water out. This spell is often cast on clothing and footwear to keep the wearer dry, or cast upon sacks and similar items so they may carry water.  The spell does nothing to make the item stronger, so a cloth sack could still rip if you filled it with too much water. This spell lasts for one day, per casting.

False Purse

When cast, if anyone attempts to pickpocket the caster, they must make a Save of else they will inadvertently filtch the prepared false bait purse/item over any other valuables. Of course, this spell requires a false purse or other target item upon which to cast the spell. This spell lasts for one hour per caster level.

Caught Red Handed

When this spell is cast upon an item, or object, the next living thing to touch it without first speaking the pre-set password, will end up with a completely red hand. This spell lasts for up to one full day, or until it is triggered. The red stain lasts for a full 24 hours after touching the guarded item, and can not be removed without magic or dismissed by the caster. The stain works through gloves. There is no Save.

Water Wings

This spell causes the target to float in water (or other liquids), even if wearing armor. The character effectively floats enough to keep their head above the surface comfortably. This spell lasts one hour per level of the caster. This spell can be cast underwater.

Jam the Door/Lid

A weaker form of Wizard Lock. This spell makes a door or container harder to open. Opening something "jammed" will take effort and time, most likely being a little noisey too.

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