Saturday, February 17, 2018

Friday Freebies: The Pool

This Friday's offering (yes, we know it's a day late.. shhh) is from the talented artist, James V. West. We encourage you to visit his website..

The Pool, a FREE PDF, courtesy of James V. West!

The Pool is a very simple game system that promotes player and GM creative collaboration through an easy dice pool gambling mechanic. This is a game system only. Bring your own imagination.

ALSO from James is the fun old-school fanzine, Black Pudding, which you can purchase as PDF or Print On Demand.

PWYW first edition of Black Pudding magazine in PDF format, from

Glorping and shlorping along, the Black Pudding zlorts upon your party! What do you do? Read it, of course. This is an OSR-style zine of RPG goodies rendered in a highly visual style. Within these 24 ooze-soaked pages you'll find magic swords that make cuts no one can heal, monsters that shoot gold pieces, black knights, catgirls, chainmail chicks, and evil temples!

2 character sheets
7 character classes
2 one-page dungeons
9 monsters
1 book of new spells
8 NPCs

House rules and tons of art!

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