Thursday, February 22, 2018

New Magic Items: The Golden Helmet of Mambrino

The Golden Helmet of Mambrino

Once belonging to the legendary giant warrior, Mambrino, this simple golden helmet was endowed with wondrous properties. When worn, the user is immune to decapitation. Furthermore, no blow to the head (while wearing the helmet, of course) can ever cause harm or death. However, blows to the helmet can still cause the wearer to be knocked off their feet, unhorsed, etc., as per normal.

As a magical item, the helmet will perfectly fit whomever places it upon their head. Only intelligent humanoids may attempt to wear this item.

Rembrandt, Man in a Golden Helmet, circa 1650

According to legend, the giant, Mambrino, challenged the noble paladin, Sir Varidor, known to wield a vorpal sword. Immune to the sword's magics, Mambrino, battled the paladin from sunrise to sunset, with neither able to strike a fatal blow. As the day drew on, both combatants agreed to stop for rest periods and meals. Only in the late evening, tired, hot, and weary, did the giant forget to replace his helmet before rejoining the combat. Sir Varidor, was finally able to strike the final blow that ended the giant's life.


  1. that's nice and flavorful,and even better because people will love it even though it's not overpowered. Great job.

    1. Thank you. It's my wish to write material in just that sort of way. It hints at a greater background mythology that every DM is then free to expand upon and personalize as they wish.

      I also want to create items that aren't just a stack of bonuses on a character card.