Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Redcap's Review of The Cozy Hearth Inn

Redcap was being his usual irascible self of late, and the editorial staff had to go on a proverbial snipe hunt to find the little murderous bastard. We had to drag him, kicking and cursing, from his hidey-hole and sober him up before he finally coughed up [literally.. ewww] a copy of his latest review. Dealing with these independent Dark Fey freelance writers can be such a pain in the arse.

Now this product weighs in light at 7 pages, 4 pages of actual content, plus covers, credits, standard OGL. Printed out as double sided pages, it comes in at 4 pages, including one blank page (good for writing notes, etc), but it packs a solid value into those pages. The artwork, by Maciej Zagórski, is incredible as always. The three maps detailing the various floors of the inn are precisely detailed. And the NPC's are interesting enough to draw players' attention and help make the setting of the inn a comfortable place to hang their hats for awhile.

This product isn't meant to be an adventure in itself, though it does offer a short side quest into the basement for low level adventurers. It's meant to be a reoccurring location, suitable for use in just about any campaign setting. Though it has a few statistics written for D20, the information can be translated easily into any desired game system the Game Master desires.

As a free offering, this little package carries itself very well. The Forge Studios didn't put this out as an edited preview, but as a professionally produced stand alone product. If it's an indication of their other products, then they can count on our future business. 

Click here for a copy of, The Cozy Hearth Inn, from DriveThruRPG

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