Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Redcap's Review of The Broken Coin Inn

Today, Redcap dug into his bag of scrolls, books, and PDFs*, to bring us a review of, The Broken Coin Inn, from The Forge Studios. After our staff wizards checked the manuscript for the usual hidden Explosive Runes, and other spiteful tricks that Redcap is infamous for, we translated it into English for you, our readers.

This PDF weighs in at just 10 pages, 6 pages of actual content, plus covers, credits, and standard OGL. The layout allows for conveniently printing of all 10 pages, or simply printing out the 6 pages of meat and potatoes portion (3 pages of double sided print), for inclusion in your DM's adventure binder. It is available for free download from the excellent folks over at DriveThruRPG.

The setting of, The Broken Coin Inn, gives a complete layout and description of the inn itself, though the hidden Thieves' Guild beneath will require a little workup by the DM. Not everything is included in exhaustive detail, so as to allow the DM to include their own personalized touches, treasures, and secrets. It can be used as is with minimal work on the DM's part to drop it into their campaign, but contains enough interesting details that it can be expanded to provide a few evening's worth of adventures.. including a possible plot against the local potentate!

Only one major NPC, Enddom the Pouch, is given a stat block to go with his background, including his magical sword, Amrolth (Dragonfinger). Two more NPCs, Enddom's daughter, Bethel, and a local trainer of men at arms, Valon Maenyth, have short backstories provided, but stats are left up to the DM.

Although the product is plagued by a small number of grammatical errors, nothing stands out that can't be easily ignored. Overall the product is useful and has been included in our own personal campaign materials. Except for the one stat block, written in D20 format, this product is rules agnostic and can be converted into any preferred game system of your choosing.

* Hey, what can we say, he's hip to modern conveniences.. for a murderous, spiteful, Fey.

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