Sunday, January 7, 2018

Myths & Monsters: Belkest


(Daemon Lord of Tricks and Traps)

HD N/A (200 hit points)
AC 0 [20]
Atk 2 claws (3d6)
Move 12, Fly 12
Save: as level 20 Thief

Special: Daemonic Powers, fights as a level 20 Thief

Belkest, is the Daemon Lord of Tricks and Traps. There isn't any trick or trap that he does not know how to circumvent, or disarm. Any trapsmith, architect, or anyone else that builds or creates tricks and traps, all pay homage to him. Experts seek out priests of Belkest for their instruction on the construction of various deadly mechanisms. 

The inscription of Belkest's symbol, the curling horns, is a warning to thieves and interlopers that they face one of the deadliest and most challenging devices ever created. Such traps are always the most difficult to disarm, or bypass, giving huge penalties to any making the attempt.

As for Belkest himself, he possesses all the powers and abilities one would expect from a Daemonic Lord. He is immune to all spells, and spell-like effects, of 5th level and below. He may use any spell known to man, once per round, as a caster of 15th level. Can only be harmed by artifact level weapons, and can only be "killed" on the Mortal Plane. His Daemonic form reconstitutes in the Plane of Daemos, but he may not return physically to the Mortal Plane for one year and a day.

Belkest can disarm, or dismantle, any trick, trap, or lock mechanism without difficulty. Summoning him to perform such a task will require great payment. Multiple or frequent summons will try his patience, requiring greater payments, or he will collect the souls of those who have offended him. Gifts of blueprints to new inventions fascinate him, and are acceptable tribute.

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