Thursday, November 2, 2017

New Magic Item: Potion of Spell Holding

New Magic Item

Potion of Spell Holding

Unlike other potions, this potion acts as a storage medium. Simply cast, or have someone else cast, a spell upon the potion, and it will store that spell indefinitely, until used. Only one spell may ever be cast and stored by these potions. Casting another spell on a potion already holding another spell could be dangerous, depending upon the spell being cast. Now here's the tricky part.. anyone may use the potion, but that does not mean they know what spell is stored within it!

If the spell cast upon the potion is a personal spell, designed to affect the caster, then the potion must be opened and consumed. If the spelled stored is designed to affect another, or an object, the potion must be consumed by, poured upon, or shattered in the vicinity of the target.

Example: A potion storing the Shield spell must be drunk by the user. A potion of Polymorph Other must be consumed by the target, or otherwise expose the target to the bottle's contents. A potion storing Fireball would have to be thrown at a target, which will be engulfed by the explosion the moment the potion bottle breaks.

A Potion of Spell Holding, is indistinguishable from other potions. It must be properly identified by a knowledgeable source. When found randomly, there is a 75% chance (3 in 4) that the potion is free and not yet storing a spell within it. The Referee is encouraged to determine whatever spell is stored in the potion if it is determined it has already been used to do so.

Should a potion containing an attack spell be opened, that holder becomes ground zero for whatever effect occurs!!!

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