Sunday, November 17, 2019

Adventure Seeds: The Missing Rider

The PCs come across a fully equipped, riderless horse on the side of the road. The animal will attempt to get the players to follow it. If they do, they will be lead back to an old well, with a broken side wall.

Inside the well is the rider. He stopped to get a drink, the retaining wall broke, and he fell into the well. That was a few days ago, and the nights have been particularly cold. His hands are frostbitten, as are his submerged feet. A character will need to climb down the well on a DC check of 13 to avoid dislodging rocks down onto the trapped man, otherwise the falling rocks will easily kill him. Sir Edmont is in a greatly weakened state and virtually helpless when the PCs find him.

Sir Edmont, will reward the players with his horse and armor for rescuing him. If they can heal him, and save his fingers and toes (Medical DC of 13, and or use appropriate spells) then he will reward them with a further prize of several hundred gold pieces.

If the PCs murder, or accidentally kill, Sir Edmont, they will easily be identified by the horse and equipment if they show up with either. Returning his body for burial will net a reward of several hundred gold pieces from his family.

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