Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Gatehouse - A Letter From the Editor

I always wanted to write that, "A Letter From the Editor". It sounds fancy, but the truth is.. this blog is pretty much just myself writing, editing, researching. I'm more chief cook and bottle washer than editor. But that's okay, I'm comfortable with that. This isn't a second job, I'm not getting paid or anything, I'm just scribbling for the joy of scribbling, and if someone finds something here that they like and can use, so much the better. I'll have shared my passion for gaming, and hopefully made a friend along the way.

PORTCULLIS, originated as an idea kicked around on my Facebook page, with several gaming and writer friends encouraging me and offering their help. I vacillated between doing it and not. Anyone who has ever worked shift work knows that life rotates around sporadic sleep schedules, walking around in a perpetual semi-state of somnambulism, and working to earn a buck. When you can, you juggle a family life, squeeze in some recreation time, and sometimes even have a few moments a day to relax. So why would any sane person attempt to wedge in one more iron in the fire? Because of passion. The desire to create, to express, and to share the thoughts in my brain before they make my head explode. Hmm... maybe not the exact imagery I was going for there, but I think you understand my meaning.

So in December of last year, 2016, I was sitting as I am now, working the night shift in my guard shack, while at my job as a security guard. The snow was swirling around as our maintenance crews worked overtime to clear the roads to our facility, and shoveling the walkways before shift change in the morning. Portcullis was envisioned as a fanzine, much like the dozens of others I had seen online, but I knew I'd never be able to wrangle even a small number of contributing writers, and do all the behind the scenes heavy lifting that go into such a project. Fortunately I didn't give into  feelings of despair. I knew there were viable alternatives. I've long followed blogs like Zenopus Archives, Swords & Stitchery, and Tenkar's Tavern. It would still be possible to release content online, even without a regularly produced fanzine. I'd just do it as a blog. But, I guess you already see where this was going, since you are in fact reading the results of my decision that cold winter's night, here.. on my blog.

Whether this project is a success or not has yet to be seen, but success isn't really my goal. My goal is to create fun content and get it out wherever I can for others to see, discuss, and use as they choose. I've made my decision to not sit back and twiddle my thumbs, letting yet another good idea slip away unrealized. Life is too short, so if I don't make time for what I love, then what am I really doing with my time if not wasting it.

My mailbox is always open for submissions, I encourage comments, and if you locate me on various social media please hit me up. I want to hear from you. Let's share ideas and create content together. I'm more than happy to give proper credit, or to promote a fellow gamer/writer/artist. This blog isn't just about my ideas, it's about people sharing their love of gaming and having fun

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