Friday, February 25, 2022

GENRE, A Work In Progress

GENRE, was a minimalist role-playing game system that I had created many years ago, 1995 or thereabouts, I believe. I was surprised to find that the few rules I had cobbled together and the few webpages that I made for them, had been archived and hosted by, John H. Kim, for the last 26 years, at the time of this writing. I've learned a great deal since those simpler times, and have begun rewriting and clarifying the system, to update it to today's standards.

The original framework for, GENRE, was initially created to allow cross-genre role-playing, using characters from different campaigns, often from very different role-playing game systems. My gaming group ran games in AD&D, Marvel Superheroes FASERIP, Champions, Call of Cthulhu, Villains & Vigilantes, Palladium, etc. And sometimes characters from one campaign would make cameos in others, though sometimes they fit in rather crudely because of disparaging power levels and game mechanics. So, I had decided to use the freely available FUDGE system as a template of how to outline the rules, and what to include in the basic game framework.

Back in 1995, I was a returning adult learner in college. Still learning computers and how to use the Internet. I collected any and every set of rpg rules that the gaming community shared or self-published online, taking whatever ideas I liked for my own use, and throwing away the rest. Mainstream game systems were simply becoming too bloated and costly to keep up with. Eventually time, storage space, and costs involved slowly took their toll. I needed a new system that could grow, adapt, allow play in any genre, at any power level, and it had to be cheap.. err.. cost effective. The original tagline for GENRE was, "The most expensive thing about game night should be the [the beer and] pizza!"

The original, not-quite-complete rules can be downloaded from: Darkshire Net

I will post the new updated rules here on the blog, during the course of the project.

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